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If you are interested in filling one of these positions on the team and would like more information, please complete the form to the bellow and a member will get back with you within 72 hours.

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We are alway asked what sets us apart from other teams, so here it is.

  1. We are one of the most all-encompassing SAR teams in the State!
  2. Ground SAR capable of sustained operations for 72+ hours.
  3. A SAR Incident Command Team.
  4. Medicals Teams that are made up of First Responders, EMT-Basics, Intermediates, & Paramedics. With Wilderness EMS training.
  5. Members with additional training in rope rescue, grain bin rescue, ice rescue, water rescue, machinery rescue, collapse rescue, and US&R.
  6. Special Event Teams for Extreme Races, Festivals, Fairs.
  7. We have you covered! We are insured through VFIS the largest provider of insurance, education and consulting services to emergency service organizations such as fire departments, ambulance and rescue squads in the nation.
  8. We hold professional memberships with: (NASAR) National Association for Search and Rescue, (OSARA) Ohio Search and Rescue Association, (NAEMT) National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, (NVFC) National Volunteer Fire Council, and Ohio Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disasters (Pending)
  9. We train year round to insure all of our members are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.
  10. Training is at no cost or low cost for classes we bring in outside instructors for. 

District 4

The Membership Process

Request Additional Information

We appreciate your interest in joining Rescue 101 Search and Rescue. We are a all volunteer origination and do not have any paid staff.  All of our members are  required to have a background check conducted by Sheriff's Office where they reside. Yes, Ventures too! Previous search and rescue or emergency services experience is not required, but new members are expected to have basic camping, hiking, survival and other outdoor skills. All members must provide their own outdoor clothing and personal equipment. Prospective members must live within the state of Ohio. 

There are minimum attendance requirements for members for both trainings and missions. Failure to meet minimum attendance may result in loss of field status and possible dismissal from the team. Rescue 101 Search and Rescue provides emergency services for the citizens of Ohio, so members are expected to respond to callouts when available.


  1. Work performed is sometimes in stressful conditions.
  2. All Members are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  3. SAR is performed in all weather conditions and in all types of terrain.
  4. Working conditions are frequently hazardous due to weather conditions (snow, high wind, rain, hail, tornados, flooding, lightening, extreme cold, etc.), terrain hazards (rock falling, steep/vertical terrain, lakes, rivers, thick vegetation, etc.), potential hazards of wild animals, and potential hazards from violent subjects.

Perform specialized functions according to training/ability. These may include but not limited to:  advanced medical treatment, radio communications, search dog operations, traffic control, tracking, sign cutting, rock climbing, flood stage monitoring, severe weather spotting & reporting.

Membership Requirements?

  1. Be 21 Years of Age or 14-21 for our explorer group.
  2. Be Physically Fit.
  3. Have a Valid Driver’s License.
  4. Have the Ability to Travel Safely in All Weather.
  5. Have or willing to learn Basic Outdoors and Survival Skills.
  6. Have or willing to gain knowledge and experience in Local/Regional Areas, Parks and Trails.
  7. Have an Employment Situation That Allows for Call-Outs 24/7/365.
  8. Be willing to make a commitment to a minimum 2 Years of Service.
  9. Be dedicated to helping people in distress.
  10. Willing to Complete All Required Training
  11. Willing to attend regular scheduled training as well as meetings.

Prospective members should also understand that they must supply their own personal gear (backpack, clothing, food, climbing equipment, helmets, etc.). The cost of required personal gear can range from $200 to $1,500 depending on your taste in gear. 

Applications for new members are accepted year-round by contacting us and requesting an application form be emailed to you or clicking the link below and downloading one .  After review of the application, applicants may be invited to an intake interview. The interview is followed by a recruitment hike to assess the ability to function as a SAR provider and short instructional periods on various topics to assess the ability to learn new related SAR skills and perform in a team setting. Selected applicants are then offered conditional membership as Members in Training (MITs) and are required to complete Ground Search and Rescue courses and attend regular training before they are considered for Active Member status.

Keep in mind if your application is accepted, you will need to pass a Sheriff's Office background check. To pass the background check, you must not:

  1. Have been convicted of a felony, imprisonment in a federal or state penitentiary or of an offense unlawful sexual conduct, physical violence, or the unlawful use, sale or possession of a controlled substance.
  2. Have been convicted of a D.U.I. within the previous five years beginning with the date of conviction to the date of application.

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