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Our Event Medical Solutions

Event Medical Coverage Made Easy!

Rescue 101 Search and Rescue, Inc. is committed to satisfying all of the Medical Service requirements for your event. When a group of people are assembled for a public event. It’s then that a well-prepared emergency medical team can make the difference in an attendees life should a medical situation occur. Our professional event staff has the experience necessary to assist you in planning your event. We take all of the risk factors into consideration and make sure the proper equipment and resources are in place to address any potential medical response scenario. We will use dedicated ambulances, first aid stations, all-terrain vehicles, and specially equipped mountain bikes to ensure rapid response and patient care under any circumstance.

Staffing, equipment, and pricing for special events vary depending on the type of event and its location. In order to request standby services from Rescue 101 Search and Rescue, Inc., a Special Event Request form must be submitted at least one (1) month prior to the start of the event, or a late schedule fee will be applied. Extended events, multi-day events, or large events requiring expanded EMS capabilities should be arranged at least two (2) months prior to the start of the event.

Our Services

First Aid Stations:

We can provide basic and advanced first aid services for special events. A special events coordinator can assist you in planning your First Aid Station requirements, including an inventory of necessary supplies, professional staffing levels, and the number of first aid stations needed based on the location and anticipated size of your event.

Medical Bike Team:
Our Medical Bike Teams are staffed by EMT’s. Each team is normally accompanied by our Medical UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) Team. The use of bicycles enable our EMT’s to safely and quickly navigate through highly congested areas at outdoor events. It also provides for immediate patient care in crowded situations where an ambulance might be delayed or not accessible depending on the location or venue. The team can also reach patients in wooded areas or rough terrain that is otherwise inaccessible to motorized vehicles. The EMT’s use all-terrain bicycles equipped with basic life support equipment, which are capable of providing critical patient care. The bike team members have communications equipment that enables them to maintain contact with event security & medical personnel via radio.

UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) Team:
The Medical UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) Team is staffed by EMT's and is used to complement the bike team at large gatherings. The UTV’s used by Rescue 101 Search and Rescue can carry all the equipment required to provide basic or advanced life support treatment and transport to an onsite facility, or to a waiting ambulance should a medical emergency occur during an event. Our UTV’s can travel up to 40 miles per hour and can be used at stadium facilities as well as outdoors. The UTV’s enable EMT’s to quickly respond and transport patients in crowded situations where an ambulance response would be delayed or a normal ambulance vehicle could not be accessible. 

Examples of past events that have used our UTV Team for standby include Mud Races, Fairs, Festivals, and Boy Scout Events.

Solo Medical Provider Coverage:
Rescue 101 Search and Rescue can provide a dedicated medical provider to standby at special events. A First Aid Provider or EMT will possess the equipment required to begin life-sustaining care or stabilize traumatic injuries should an emergency occur during the event. Solo medical provider coverage is normally used when a transport ambulance response is only minutes away, and at indoor events where the environment and climate are controlled, and the likelihood of a serious or life-threatening injury is minimal.

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