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Our search and rescue volunteers specialize in wilderness and urban search & rescue. With SAR-Techs training in locating and rescuing missing people in urban, rural, and wilderness areas.

Rescue 101 Search and Rescue, Inc is a highly skilled team of dedicated volunteers who give up a lot of their own time to provide a service to the residents of the State of Ohio in the upmost professional manner.

Although based in South Salem, Ohio Rescue 101 SAR often ventures all over the state to assist in search and rescue callouts. We also provide the necessary equipment to assist with incident management, evacuation, recovery & logistics during the mission regardless of the weather.

Our SAR-Techs skills include effective searching for missing people in urban, rural, and wilderness  environments; wilderness first aid, first responder, and EMT; map reading and navigation; 4x4 driving in adverse conditions; radio communications, missing person behaviour, and a host of other essential skills.  

Firefighting efforts in wild land areas require different techniques, equipment, and training from the more familiar structure fire fighting found in populated areas. Our wildfire-trained crews suppress & extinguish flames and construct firelines to protect resources and the natural wilderness. Protection of human life is first priority. When arriving on a scene, our fire crew will establish safety zones and escape routes, verify communication is in place, and designate lookouts. This allows the crew to engage a fire with options for a retreat should their current situation become unsafe.

With protection of human life taking a first priority all of our fire suppression activities are based from an anchor point (such as lake, rock slide, road or other natural or artificial fire break). From this anchor point firefighters can work to contain a wild land fire without the fire outflanking them. Our line personnel are trained to the nationally accepted standards. We also have personnel that have advanced to overhead positions providing leadership on incidents.

In the past two years (2015 and 2016), the Rescue 101 SAR has logged over 250 hours on incidents providing our services. As the need for skilled resources of all-hazard incidents increases, Rescue 101 SAR will continue a proactive approach in providing those specific resources and services to benefit all those involved.

Our Wilderness First Responders and EMT's build on EMS training and expertise to meet the special challenges of the remote and unconventional environment. Their training designed for medical personnel working in rural EMS, search and rescue, disaster response, and on wilderness expeditions. Like all training, it represents the best application of the available science balanced by considerable clinical experience and the reality of providing medical care in difficult and dangerous places.

Since conventional First Aid and EMT curricula are designed for an urban environment, and assume the availability of 911 communications and rapid ambulance transport to a hospital. Rescue 101 SAR has found that conventional medical protocols do not address the specialized wilderness context of delayed rescue transport in remote areas, prolonged exposure to severe environments, and the limited availability of medical equipment. 

That is why Rescue 101 SAR has developed protocols for use by appropriately trained individuals. They are based on the principles taught in Wilderness Advanced Life Support, Wilderness EMT, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Advanced First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid Courses.Our team currently operates under the Medical Direction of Dr. Richard D. Mizer, MD with this comprehensive Wilderness Medical Protocol. 

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Forming in November 2013 Rescue 101 Search and Rescue is located in South Salem, Ohio and is one of a few volunteer search and rescue teams in the State of Ohio that specializes in wilderness search and rescue (WSAR), urban search and rescue (USAR), and emergency & disaster response. Since our formation in 2013 we have been called into action 241 times. This is all made possible by the groups dedicated volunteers and equipment the team owns. Every year our growing group of volunteers puts over 3,000 hours into training and an additional 2,000 plus hours into community outreach and education. Our command staff of has over 80 years of combined  emergency services & search and rescue experience. Rescue 101 Search and Rescue, Inc. and the team members hold professional memberships with the Ohio Search and Rescue Association (OSARA), National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR), National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), National Volunteer Fire Council (NFVC), & Ohio Association of Emergency Medical Services (OAEMS).